Late-ish Wednesday night. Not compared to college late but still haha. Some progress. Excuse the horrid yellow lighting, was painting in a different room of the apartment.

Let there be color, first few watercolor washes before going into work :)

Cloudy mornings on the lake. Life is good.

Painting outside with the dogs today before work. Peaceful.

Too rainy for firework plans, so time to put some ink washes on my fortune teller.

Getting some inking in before work. #inprogress #ink #bellydance #tarot #sword #fortuneteller

Backyard yoga weather. Can’t complain when you’re being paid to play dress up and practice yoga ;)

Checked be in a belly dance show off my bucket list this weekend. Love the girls at Diosa in Framingham, so much fun :)

Bunch a tweaking to do but moving right along to pencil and real paper. Woot Friday night. Work in the morning then belly dance recital, good night for now ;)

Some more midnight pen sketching for this piece before laying anything in final board.

Super rough thumbnail stage but finally beginning this piece that’s been a LONG time in queue. Woot.

Nice day to copy my favorite #Catwoman #comic cover. LOVE Guillem March’s work. Probably unhealthy amounts of obsessed with his version of the character. Good practice though :)

It’s a good day to copy a favorite comic cover from my Catwoman collection. LOVE Guillem March’s work.

Found this guy walking down rt 9 in Framingham, obviously @thisispsp and I had to pick him up, hour long ordeal but we finally found his family! This is Cloud :) #husky #rescue #adventure

Another chakra painting in progress. Time to wrap this project up!