Back to my garden meditation piece! Got some watercolor washes laid down. Last night and tonight. Woot.

Om Sculpture in progress on the studio floor because it’s too big for my desk space!

My Om Sculpture hanging in the window of Lululemon at the Natick Mall!

Practice mini prototype complete, actual piece gessoed and left to dry for the night. Project Om coming right along as scheduled. Oh and puppy paws in the corner haha.

Completing the inking portion of the piece. Excited to get some paint down tomorrow. :)

Feels good to have a dip pen back in my hand. Decided to flesh out yesterday’s sketch a bit more. Love painting outside on my day off :)

Quick pen sketch of Erin at a fun photoshoot at Elm Bank this past Monday, may lay some paint down tomorrow.

Last days of August on the farm :)

The Doctor and his companion ;)

Met an earth elephant on my hike down Lady Slipper trail today. They’re more difficult to spot as I get older, this one turned back into an uprooted tree not long after I finished a quick sketch. #pencil #sketch #hike #woods #elephant #roots

First day of work on Hutchins Organic Farm. For 8 hours of manual labor it was so much fun! Plus you get to snack as you go :)

Met Jim Calafiore today and got his autograph. Such a nice guy took the time to actually talk to us! :) #bostoncomiccon #redlanterns #new52 #jimcalafiore #comics

Got to meet Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti at Boston Comic Con during my lunch break. Weekend accomplished!! XD

Sundays are for climbing trees :)

Rainy day painting progress. Finishing this piece up for good!